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Lite-Brite is a toy that was originally marketed in 1967. It consists of a light box with small colored plastic pegs that fit into a panel and illuminate to create a

Check out the new Hasbro Star Wars figures and toys on display at Toy Fair 2017. These included the new Black Series 40th Anniversary 6″ Figures, new 3.75″ Scale

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GI JOE 50th Anniversary, 30th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, Rise of Cobra 2009 Movie Line, and G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Hasbro Toy Action Figures

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Hasbro Official website for all of your favorite Hasbro toys. From Transformers to Star Wars to The Avengers, you can find them all here!

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The Military era, The Beginning. (1964-1968). It all started in 1964. The giant toy manufacturer Louis Marx Inc. of U.S.A. was faced head to head with the

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This list of vintage toy manufacturers starts in the mid 1800s and continues into present day. This list included Marx, Schoenhut, Hasbro and many more.

Reference, history, and collecting tips for Marx figures and playsets. Items listed on buy, sell, and trade availability lists.

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