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Symptoms and early signs of breast cancer. Breast cancer can often be difficult to detect in its early stages. While some with breast cancer will experience lumps

Read about the types of breast lumps in women causes including: injuries to the breast, fibroadenomas, cysts, fibrocystic changes, and cancer. Symptoms, diagnosis

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Breast lumps and pain in either the left or right breast can be caused by a variety of conditions including fibrocystic breast, mastitis, breast cancer, breast lumps

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Breast lumps are swellings or bulges in the breast. Some are cancerous but many are not. Find out how to recognize breast lumps, and what they mean.

Infections that cause breast lumps Injuries that cause breast lumps Non-cancerous growths that cause breast lumps

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Lumps and bumps in cats can be harmless or a cause for concern. Learn about the types and when to get them checked by your vet.

Parents are concerned when they find breast lumps in mans. They hope it’s normal, but underneath lies a common fear–it might be a tumor!

Breast lumps are common, especially in women ages 30 to 50. A number of conditions can result in a lump or lumps in your breast. Most of these conditions are harmless

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I have two lumps in my underarm and they are very sore, they go away after a week or two, and then come back in a couple of weeks. It’s been happening for almost two

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Nov 10, 2015 · Most breast lumps are not cancerous, but should be checked by a doctor. Learn more from WebMD about benign breast lumps and what to do about them.

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