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10 Sex Acts That Are Better In Theory Ten Sex Acts That Aren’t So Great In Real Life

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At the Canadian Women’s Foundation, our vision is for all women in Canada to live free from . That’s why we invest in prevention programs that

10 Weird Kinky Sex Acts You Should Try 10 Weirdly Awesome Sex Acts You Should Try At Least Once

A Texas man was arrested by Canadian County Deputies after they say he tried to solicit sex from an undercover officer posing as a teen teen on the internet.

Sex, with a Twist Put a fresh spin on these five overrated acts—and enjoy scorching-hot sex By Carolyn Kylstra April 10, 2011

Canada’s ity law only bans sexual acts that involve penetration, the country’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, a blow to advocacy groups who argued s

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Sex differences in crime are differences between men and women as the perpetrators or victims of crime. Such studies may belong to fields such as criminology (the

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A new study showed that ‘taboo’ sex acts and fantasies may be more common than once thought.

On Monday, June 12th investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jason Drylie, a 35 male, for lewd acts with a under the age of

Canadian citizenship, as a status separate from British nationality, was created by the Canadian Citizenship Act, 1946, which came into effect on 1 January 1947.

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